Czech KORA BRNO revolvers combine solidity and lightness because they are assembled in lightened versions with light alloy frame, or, on the contrary, with a solid steel frame. Barrels and cylinders are made from special steel. This technology creates an attractive combination of durability and solidity with light weight. The model with steel frame is designed for classical gun enthusiasts. The KORA BRNO revolvers, with ergonomic design rising from the classical lines of these guns, are traditional guns with characteristic style that is based on modern manufacturing technology.

The 38 Special calibre cylinder has six chambers, the 22 LR/WMR cylinder has eight. The characteristic feature of the KORA BRNO revolvers is also the  minimum tolerance range. Standard backlash, given in hundredths of millimetres, signify a good  proportion of precise manual work. Revolvers are manufactured in three standard versions (lengths) and those include a number of interesting adjustments special adjustable back-sights, the possibility of a smooth change in trigger resistance. The most interesting novelty is the possibility of cylinder replacement in the KORA BRNO 22 WMR revolver for 22 LR cylinder, with the possibility of using standard ammunition. According to the special wish of the customer, it is possible to equip the revolver with super-standard improvements and thus to make a very personal gun.

KORA Brno revolver

KORA BRNO revolvers are manufactured with an emphasis on quality without compromise, achieved by the individual attention to each gun. Customers are attracted especially by the sense of detail, proving their careful assembly. The design of the guns is another visible sign of precision. KORA BRNO revolvers offer a number of combinations and interesting possibilities in this respect. The following illustrations testify  the care and the endeavour to pay attention to every detail. In the assortment of KORA BRNO revolvers, each gun can be  unique, contributing with its qualities and design to the fame of  Czech armament production. The sales department  of KORA BRNO is ready to ensure the delivery of an individual gun according to a customers requirements and to make a sport or competition special from a standard model. KORA BRNO revolvers look very attractive after any modification.

The standard grip of black plastic can be easily replaced by durable and sturdy grips with from hard wood. The lines of ripe hard wood from walnut-tree correspond with the design of the gun, and the precise carving on  smooth or rough revolver grips making the hold of the gun and shooting more pleasant. For sport shooters, KORA BRNO offers the grip of synthetic rubber or the special ergonomic grip of hardwood.

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A very precisely adjustable back-sight of a target type, designed for KORA BRNO revolvers, enables the use of the gun for sport or competition shooting. Naturally, each gun delivered is individually calibrated.

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The hollowing of the mouth ring of the barrel is a significant improvement increasing the accuracy of shooting, and guarantees less dispersion thanks to the concentricity of the bore and mouth of the barrel.

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Construction innovations have been a part of  KORA BRNO revolver production from the very beginning. Although giving the impression of a solid, compact unit, the gun is above all a series of precisely manufactured and carefully assembled components.

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KORA BRNO revolvers are delivered with a black matt surface or a polished chromium-plated finish.


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KORA BRNO revolvers are regularly tested by the Department for the Testing of Weapons and Ammunition. The strictness of the tests issues from the tradition of first-rate arms production in the Czech Republic.


During their short existence, KORA BRNO revolvers have won individual awards in the very tight  competition of  Czech armament production.

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