KORA Brno Revolvers

KORA Brno revolvers are delivered not only in all basic models but also with many enhanced modifications. With their utility features, the revolvers fulfil all demands for the purpose. Thanks to their top design they satisfy even the most discriminating users. Their possible replacement with training models enables substantial reduction of costs, increased quality of service, and higher personal safety.

 KORA BRNO revolvers with exclusive designs in chrome with rich engraving are continuing the tradition of high value production.



9mm Gas/Signal Kora Brno revolver

22 Long Blanc Gas/Signal Kora Brno revolver



4 mm Randz. Long Kora Brno revolver

6 mm ME Flobert Court Kora Brno revolver



22 Long Rifle Kora Brno revolver

22 Win. Magnum [WMR] Kora Brno revolver

38 Special Kora Brno revolver