The Czech Republic holds an exceptional position among the former eastern-bloc countries. Thanks to a long tradition in the armament industry, established in the past centuries, Czech weapons have asserted themselves in competition with world-known trademarks, and have secured a strong position among them despite  their former isolation. Czech Made arms have an excellent reputation with experts thanks to their quality and favourable prices. 

            KORA BRNO revolvers has revived the interrupted tradition of revolver production, and since 1990 the popularity of their products has been growing both the Czech market and abroad. The quality of KORA BRNO arms has also been growing thanks to rapidly developing extensive subcontracting for other European ammunition factories. The fact that large-scale, small-scale, as well as special orders are being made gives high credit to KORA BRNO staff.


KORA BRNO gathers  highly experienced and qualified people, with capabilities acquired in renowned munition factories. Workers who participated in the development and manufacture of the famous GRAND revolver – winner of several international awards – work here. All employees of KORA BRNO strive for a common goal: to fulfil high demands on work they are doing, and to put their share of experience, knowledge and responsibility into each gun.